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International freight forwarding

Are you looking for a trustworthy business partner who will be responsible for the transport of building materials, windows, cars or art works from Poland to Sweden? Or maybe you need some specialists in international forwarding in Norway and Finland? You are in the right place! We offer a comprehensive range of transport and logistics services. Find out why it is worth cooperating with Nordlys Logistikk.

Why it is worth trusting us


We are experts in the transport of artworks, cars, boats and windows from Sweden and Norway to Poland.


We have considerable experience in the transport of machines or building materials between Poland, Norway and Sweden.


We offer express international shipping, and we always provide services of transport to Sweden or Norway on time.


We guarantee the safe transport of goods, artworks, as well as moving to Norway.

Express international shipping

Our company offer a plenty of transport services. One of them is international express shipping. We deliver various types of load in Poland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. We offer express delivery of parcels in three systems: Just in time (at a specific time ), Day definite (on a specific day) and Time definite (for a specific period of time). We try to come across our customers needs, therefore, we offer solutions adjusted to your expectations.

Our services

Transport services to Sweden or Norway

Nordlys Logistikk's working areas are the Scandinavian countries and Poland. We offer a plenty of services like moving to Finland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark. We have got 21 modern vehicles which are adapted to different types of transport services. We also possess vans up to 3.5 tons, container semi-trailers, semi-trailers with tarpaulin, dump trucks as well as breakdown trucks. Practically, no type of load, is a problem for us. You can entrust the transport of goods such as boats, cars, building materials, windows or even artworks to us. We invite you to cooperate with our company!

Our main destinations

Warehouse logistics – Poland, Finland, Norway and Sweden

As specialists in international freight forwarding, we provide a wide range of transport services for our clients. We offer warehouse logistics, the delivery of express shipping, as well as transporting of non-standard and ADR (dangerous goods) goods by land or sea. Are you looking for specialists who will take care of moving from Poland Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland? Contact the representatives of Nordlys Logistikk. You can trust us in terms of transporting different types of machines, building materials, cars and boats. Contact us!

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